Saturday, April 13, 2013

Reporting Sheepishly

Some of our wheat was reclining because a small gang of young sheep got loose and meandered into the field to have a look.  Not a lot of damage.

 Much of our Red Fife is in boot stage, with some heads emerging.  This puts them about two weeks behind the Glenn.
Red Fife seed head peeking through
Our Oberkulmer (classic) Spelt is now ahead of its more modern Maverick.  Twenty inches, to Maverick's twelve.  Both show inflorescence rising well, about three-quarters of the way to boot stage.  Shorter than the wheat, the spelt is likely to head out in a couple of weeks, blossom, and then start filling.  May have a harvest by June first.
Oberkulmer & Maverick Spelt Fields
The several areas where our first Sonora planting has come back are doing well.  The tall plants have big seed heads.  The shorter plants that had been knocked down are smaller and will probably have a lower yield.  Our second Sonora planting looks very vigorous and its harvest may be mid May, or before.
First Sonora
Closer Still

 The pig is very friendly and we haven't seen him in the wheat.

Hope to get a sense of how mature the Glenn is when we post next week. 


  1. Looks great! Thanks for the talk at SLOLA. I'd love to help you all harvest, so if you're taking volunteers, please announce it!

    1. Thanks for the comment. How do I reach you? We may well need some help. Paul