Sunday, April 21, 2013

3rd Week of April

The seed heads are filling, but in many areas plants have not recovered or are very small.  True of all the plots we planted on our first day which had major portions laid flat.

Mostly barren portions of Glenn 1
Northern (near) half of Glenn 2 is quite lush.
Sonora 2 is best overall plot. 

The first Sonora planting, on the left, has much smaller & less substantial seed heads than the Sonora 2, on the right, planted two weeks later.

No sign anywhere that seed heads are losing their green color.  First harvest is still three weeks away, not earlier than May 11th.

Test plot is reduced to a few spindly plants.  Seems under-dug by squirrels.  Very dry.  Very picked over.

 Both of our Spelt are bushy and seem to be in stem elongation mode.  Oberkkulmer taller; much more developed inflorescence and much further along; maybe 3 inches from end of a 15” pseudo-stem.  One of our ground squirrels is keeping a look-out on a distant sprinkler head.
Our two Spelt plots

 If you look close, you can see eight of the rascals in the berm just west of the spelt.

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