Friday, April 5, 2013

Life in the Wheat Fields

Progress continues, as the seed heads of more of our crops appear.  In our test plot, India-Jammu and Clear White are both blossoming.

Our classic Red Fife has one or two emerged heads.  Most show prominent inflorescence only about one inch short of emergence.  They will probably emerge and be in blossom before the end of April.

Red Fife Inflorescence Nearing Emergence
The big news is that we see that a good number of California Ground Squirrels are establishing burrows among the wheat.  Spermophilus beecheyi are here.

One of the residents -- we're calling him "Sourdough" -- showed up for a cameo.

The sad fact is that these rascals have a reputation for devouring and hiding away very large quantities of ripe wheat berries

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  1. Paul, Is there a humane and effective way to deal with our furry friends?