Monday, June 30, 2014

Harvest in Delano

Some good news. 
A lovely field of Soft White Sonora Wheat has been harvested in Delano, CA, just south of Fresno.

About eight and a half acres were planted by Amos Bergman and Nate Siemens in early February.  Assisting with the harvest is Nate's brother, Justin. 

Nate, Amos, and Justin
The wheat field is surrounded by cherry and almond orchards,

Amos nursed a classic, 60-year-old, Allis Chalmers combine back to life.  And the team set it to work on the very ripe Sonora.
Nate cranks up the borrowed tractor
 The wheat was planted the first week in February.  It was irrigated once, on Valentine's Day, two weeks later.

Except for two brief dustings of rain, this is the only water over the entire five month growing period.


It is an impressive demonstration of this Sonora's drought resistance.


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