Sunday, May 11, 2014

Vavilov in Color

The patch of Vavilov wheat, growing in Emerson Avenue Community Garden, has surpassed its neighbor, Brazilian Lavras, in height.  However, half a dozen of the plants growing in the Vavilov patch are maturing before their comrades, at a height that is more than a foot shorter.
A clump of shorter Vavilov
Most surprising, the stems of these plants, and particularly their seeds heads, are deep purple in color.

And yet another thing.  Many of the taller, green seed heads have an odd shape, with a broader base of kernels, becoming more regular on the top half.  Breeders experienced in Vavilov growing say it often has uneven seed heads.  

Vavilov is considered challenging to thresh.


  1. Hello, I have successfully grown a small crop of hard red winter wheat (about 4x4 patch) We've harvested about 7 cups of grain from this small patch and I am now faced with how to mill it. I can of course buy a small electric mill but we may not continue to grow wheat and I'm not sure we want to make that investment. Do you know where I could have this small amount milled here in Los Angeles?