Sunday, March 2, 2014

MOMO in Grand Park

Michael O'Malley's mobile wood-fired bread oven, found its way between rain squalls to a parking spot in Los Angeles' Grand Park today. 

 Folks brought homemade loaves, of all kinds and shapes, to bake right on the fire brick hearth where wood fires had burned to coals the night before.  The classic arched roof oven is mounted on a trailer for mobility.  It was designed and built by Michael.

The Community Bread Bakes are a great chance to see and smell wonderful bread rise and come to life. 

 Many of the breadmakers had worked with Michael and Nan Kohler, the day before, learning the basics of making natural wild yeast raised breads, with flour contributed by Nan's grain milling company, Grist & Toll.

 Michael intends to have Free Community Bakes in various neighborhoods on a monthly basis.


MOMO  "Michael O'Malley's Oven" is also made available by Michael  for shared baking events at Nan Kohler's GRIST & TOLL flour mill, 900 South Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena, where the north 110 right at the northern end of the 110.
Grist & Toll:
Los Angeles Bread Bakers: 

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