Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lying Down on the Job

A short report on wheat growth in our front yard.

I'm skeptical that our small planting of India-Jammu will add much to our technical understanding of this interesting land race variety or its appropriateness for Southern California.

But it is a lovely sight ...

... particularly when its small blossoms are displayed.

And a  patch of Sonora White illustrates the risks of raising big seed heads almost four feet above the ground.

Lodging is when wheat is pushed down -- or just tips over -- making it a challenge to ripen and be harvested.  It is not a condition I was expecting to see in our front yard, but our very welcome end of February rains push over some of those tall plants.

Makes me quietly proud that our yard can demonstrate challenges that are usually only experienced  by real farmers.

I tied up those rascals against a stake, in hope they'll regain their footings and once against stand on their own.

It is of interest that the Sonora seed heads have between 42 and 48 kernels developing.  About twice the number in the India Jammu which kept standing.

 A big head seems a good thing, until it tips you over.

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