Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tehachapi Weighs In

The grain grown on Weiser Family Farms this spring has been an inspiration.
In the photograph below, Roman Rye, graces a planting just across the lane from some handsome Red Fife hard red wheat.

 This was a bold experiment on the Weisers' part, and the sizeable crop is good to see, thriving on fields usually devoted to vegetables.  With only modest rainfall this season.

On July 21, 2014, a field of Barley was partially harvested, but the 63-year old Allis Chalmers combine needed some attention.  Nate Siemens scavenged an 8-foot long winnowing drive shaft from an even older combine, and replaced the shaft in the field.


 The combine came back to life and, under Nate's guidance, completed the harvest:
 It's all in a day's harvest, getting the old equipment in operation to make a success of small scale grain farming ...
 working toward the establishment of a real Southern California Grain Hub to make locally grown, varietal grain available to our mills so our bakers can once again turn out products made from truly fresh flour.

Roman Rye

Sonora Soft White Wheat


  1. Hi
    That is so cool. Did you take the cams? Thought old varieties were tall and somehow doesnt look tall next to the scooping part of combine. Has anyone tried scything by hand, sign up a pastle of people,bakers......(I could do an hour or 2 before get tired if early. Is amazing they are all doing this. Where is this wheat,barley now?

  2. I really love wheat and all types of plants, vegetables, and other wilderness trees. It makes me happy to see a whole community save these beautiful items on this beautiful world!!