Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wheat Growth Stages

Following up on Community garden grains, the seven varieties of wheat in the Emerson Avenue Community Garden are in different growth stages.
Black Einkorn
The Black Einkorn and Russian Timopheevi show early leaf and root development.
The soft white Sonora has developed some plant height as the distance between leaf nodes increases.  The inflorescence, or fruiting body, is just beginning its travels up the elongating pseudo stem.  The Emmer is approaching boot stage, with the seed head nearing the flag leaf, at the top of the pseudo stem.


 Much of the Vavilov is in boot stage, or showing a swollen boot.  

The Brazilian Lavras is perhaps the most remarkable.  Several show fully emerged seed heads, with very long awns.

Awns on Flag Leaf

while other plants reveal just the tips of their awns above the flag leaf collar as the heads begin to emerge.

 The India Jammu is currently in the lead, showing most of the heads in anthesis, or blossoming stage.  This means only final seed development and ripening remain before harvest.
India Jammu in Blossom

Anyone know what the coloration means on the Vavilov?  Stripe?  Rust?


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