Friday, February 28, 2014

Rainy Daze

Good news.  Some more wheat in the ground, and just  in time for a deep drink of rainwater.  Word was that Nate Siemens intended to broadcast some seed in fields near Lompoc.  Your correspondent arrived before the morning fog had lifted. 

No sign of Nate.


But the morning sun and Nate both soon appeared and this is what the field looked like, once the mists were gone. 

Disced twice in the last couple of weeks, the ground was ready.

Nate set out to broadcast Glenn over a five acre field.

And that was followed by Red Fife over another two acres, all just in time for our very welcome end-of-February rains.

The  fields had most recently grown crops of vegetables, so wheat was good seed to rotate into.  
Local sources say that turning the soil over in that area has uncovered whale bones, and rocks show layers typical of oceanic sedimentary design. 

Our wheat is going to come of age in an area that was once ocean front. 
Or a little beyond.

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