Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goals of Regional Wheat Growing

The goals of the Southern California Wheat Enterprise are not hard to summarize.  Like most such endeavors, the vision is to improve the grains and flour available to our homes and neighborhoods.  And that added value is in three important areas:
Grown in our region    under sustainable farming practices  …. free of chemicals & contaminants   … available direct from growers to mills & bakers
 Flour that is freshly milled … nutritious … good flavored … good for baking
 Provide specific varieties of modern, heirloom, landrace, and ancient grains from specific farms and farmers.

This literal grass roots revolution is really pretty simple.  We don’t have to settle for less than what these remarkable grains have to offer.  Improving the quality of grain and flour is a return to ways that were common not that long ago.  The enterprise believes that our families and neighbors, our bakers and chefs, all can once again have a range of nutritional wheat and flour products that are grown, milled, baked, and then enjoyed by members of our communities.

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