Sunday, May 5, 2013

Slim Pickens

As we approach our expected harvest, it appears we are not the only ones who find wheat an attractive crop.

Our first day's planting of Sonora and Red Fife have been reduced to a small green patch in the middle of the fields.
Glenn planted 11/29/12
The entire plot of Glenn from that first day is gone.  Although matted down some weeks ago, it seemed to be recovering.  However, now it has stopped growing and appears to have been grazed.  One of the traps set against the ground squirrels is in the foreground.

Our test plot of heirloom and newer varieties has been grazed to the ground.  Of the 12 varieties planted, 6 did develop well, and, on April 6th, Clear White and India Jammu seed heads were in blossom.  Now all (except two Poole variety plants) seem to have been devoured. 
The northern portion of the 2nd day's planting of Glenn has also been grazed, leaving only an area in the middle of the plot.  The 2nd day's Sonora, on the left, has about half a plot still standing, with seed heads in the late milk stage.   About a third of the Oberkulmer and Maverick Spelt remains and has seed heads emerging.  About a month until maturity.  But our plants seem to be disappearing faster than they can grow.

If we have a harvest, it is likely to be a modest one.

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