Monday, March 18, 2013

SONORA Standing Back Up

Wheat Growing as of 3/18/13
Some encouraging signs.  A month ago, some of our wheat had collapsed.  With irrigation and mild weather we are seeing some improvement.  Portions are beginning to rise back up.

Sonora 1 on 2/26/13
Sonora 1 on 3/18/13

 Our second planting of Sonora, two weeks after the first, was less matted down and seems to be making an impressive recovery.

Sonora 2 on 2/17/13
Sonora 2 on 3/18/13

 The other good news is that much of our first planting of Glenn now shows emerging heads.

Glenn is expected to be our first harvestable crop, perhaps by the end of April.  Glenn has a reputation for early heading, but a somewhat longer maturation process.  This is part of what gives this variety very high protein levels.

Our test bed is doing well, with plant heights of 21 to 29 inches tall.  Most have five leaves showing.

This portion of the test bed shows varieties mostly released in the last 10 years.  Left-to-right: ML EM118-Z-G, Clear White, India-Jammu, Louise, Kelse, Glee, and Surprise which is the only variety in this photo that was grown on the west coast in the mid 19th century.  India-Jammu is currently the leader of the specialty varieties.

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