Monday, December 10, 2012


Hello All.

Updates from Agoura! The seed we planted two weeks ago has already sprouted and looks lovely. Expect pictures in the next couple days.

ALSO, more planting will be taking place, again at Maggie's Farm in Agoura Hills, tomorrow starting at 9:00 a.m. This will be documented and added to the blog in the coming days, so look forward to that.

Now, onto Sonora...

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  1. In addition to the broadcast planting of Sonora, Red Fife, and Glenn, we also drill planted ten foot test rows of several other varieties.

    With background notes from GOOGLE, they are

    Older cultivars from Dr. Stephen Jones at Washington State University
    • Surprise was originated by Cyrus G. Pringle, in the Champlain Valley, near Charlotte, Vt., in the late 1870s. He described it as a cross between the Chile Club, the soft, white variety, widely grown in the Pacific coast, and the Michigan Club, once common over our Northwestern States. Widely grown in California in the early part of 20th century. Has been known by many names.
    • Goldcoin with an uncertain background, is thought to have been grown in New York state in 1798 or earlier. It is easily shattered, so may never have had large commercial plantings.
    • Marquis has a very old ancestry. Known to be grown in Ottawa in 1892. Large plantings in midwest and west in the early 1900s.
    • Pacific Bluestem. Old pacific coast wheat, from Australia in early 1800s. White Australian name; very popular until 1930s when it dropped off in number of acres. Hard (but not hard hard). Does not have a blue or purple stem.
    • Poole a winter habit; developed in east; before 1850 in ohio; synonym Bluestem & Harvest King

    more recent cultivars from WSU
    • JD a soft white spring club wheat, 2009 WSU
    • Kelse a hard red spring wheat, 2008, semi-dwarf WSU intended for; >12” precip.
    • Glee a hard red spring wheat, the newest wheat variety developed by the spring wheat breeding program at CSU will be named "Glee” in honor of graduate student Virginia Gale Lee, a victim of cancer at ta very young age. Glee features a combination of high yield potential and excellent disease resistance.
    • Clear White 515 a hard white spring wheat, released in 2005 by UC Davis
    • Louise a soft white spring wheat, 2005. WSU et al., intended for moderate rainfall areas, not dry
    • ML EM118-Z-G hard white spring wheat with not much information found as yet.

    Source: Monica Spiller of Whole Grain Connection
    • India-Jammu is a hard white wheat; a landrace (farmer-developed) from Jammu and Kashmir, India; recent 2010 trials with promising results.

    Please correct or expand as you wish.

    -Paul Morgan